Toilettes publiques

By Public Toilets, you think I’ll talk about outfits
alluring ladies of Cannes, without ever going up the down
steps of the palace and the expected population and excited comments. Well no.

I’m talking about real public toilets basis, Decaux & co.

Driven by the need and desire
urgent, I opt for a ride in the toilet street. My room
bathroom is in the works, or rather the point where they are in total destruction.
The reconstruction will be for later. So pressed for time I choose to
go to this place only tourists and the homeless
attend rather than coffee. I press the open button. Magic, it opens
without sesame. Slowly, quietly, the door slides arc on good 2
m enough to leave room for a tank, you can enter 5 front with
bag and baggage. Wheelchairs are welcome. I advise the place.
Surprise.! Clean with a faint smell of detergent and beefy else
that vousc onfirme that you are in the toilet. The day it feels
Shalimar, it will be known. I press the rent doorknob, a voice
stands “the door is locked.” Toilets cause. same
time, I’d rather they confirm me that the door will not open a
then suddenly I’m in a ticklish position.

I spot the seat, correct, there is even paper in the dispensers, I
am cut. All the comfort, it lacks newspapers and crosswords but not
will not criticize him for so little. The case made​​, I press the button hunting
of water, and I head to the sink. And then tell me the toilet. A me.

A kind lady voice. I begin to take a look around, as if he
there could be someone other than me. They would still not be
a camera … “you have chosen, the economic jet, thank you, this is
it will be activated as soon as you exit. ”
Ah well great. I am glad to know.
“If you want to change your mind,
Ah I?
“You can still choose the other stream”
I think, I wonder, I ask myself, eco flow or luxury, I
take a look; what do you do? I request the opinion of the public, I call
friend? I go into the water. I keep my first choice! I wash my hands, oh no towels, no star awarded blow, but that’s for another time.

Near the door, the moment of truth.
Will open, not open? I press the acronym open sesame majestic sliding out and I am safe and sound! Relieved at any point of view! Decaux Vive!

Parisienne à Paris - Choses vues à Paris

Par Toilettes Publiques, vous pensez que je vais vous parler des tenues
affriolantes des dames de Cannes, qui montent sans jamais les descendre les
marches du palais et que la population excitée attend et commente. Et bien non.

Je vous parle des vraies toilettes publiques de base, les Decaux &co.

Poussée par la nécessité et l’envie
pressante, j’opte pour faire un tour dans les toilettes de rue. Ma salle de
bains est en travaux ou plutôt au point où ils en sont, en destruction totale.
La reconstruction sera pour plus tard. Donc pressée par le temps je choisis de
me rendre dans cet endroit que seuls les touristes et les sans abris
fréquentent plutôt que le café. J’appuie sur le bouton open. Magique, ça ouvre
sans sésame. Doucement, sans bruit, la porte glisse en arc de cercle sur bien 2
m de quoi laisser place à un char d’assaut…

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